this Tuesday, typical of a Texas winter is a balmy 68° outside. The moisture clings onto every part of you and is pretty inescapable. I decided to take a stroll up to Nandina a local restaurant on Greenville Avenue, it is really pretty good however recently the crowds seem to thin out during normal hours of operations due to the faint stench of a leaky sewer system hidden under the fragrance of sandalwood incense. I know I you but if I was running a business that involves food I would be a little more careful about matters like that. Anyway I’m not really going to critique the place the food is good the prices are reasonable and it’s open really late which works for me because of my night owl food habit. Sure that’s not really good for my digestive system but I consider it a vice that I can live with. I just got to sit down with a bowl of white rice and medium spicy pineapple curry and oh boy is it damn good. I really want to turn up the A/C full blast. The can’t believe all the BS that I’m dealing with on the house and the bank. Insurance this payment that yada yada yada. It kind of grates on your soul.I’m not to be bitchy about the fact that it is a really fantastic place that deserved to be updated like any fine inanimate object. I almost consider it like some strange sort of museum from another time that is really only shown on TV nowadays but really reflected an era that seemed to define the new America. Amazingly I am learning all sorts of interesting facts and tricks during my progress on this giant beast. Other things today been released a little bit more enjoyable. I did try this new place down by Baylor Hospital, it was a nifty little converted house that had been some sort of hospital office but now is some sort of gourmet burger joint with lots of tasty goodies all take with a layer of deep fried delight. I had a veggie burger that was almost borderline believable beef Patty and some bad ass salsa and homemade corn chips. Yum! I do like that Dallas is seeming to turn in on itself focusing more attention to the inner-city than to just the vast sprawling suburbs. It is getting better and better on a monthly basis I would say. Got so many ideas that I’m trying to write down it’s really difficult to sit and push it all out. I don’t know what I was thinking when I got involved with the house, but it just seems like such a cool place to reside for at least the year two don’t you think? I’m really trying to see if I can get the site out in a reasonable amount time but I’ve got so many things on it I got a put up all the artwork I go take photos of new artwork I can continue to write to trying get myself into the discipline of doing it on a daily basis. I tell you what that is probably the hardest thing to do is not easy to get used to writing and having a voice that seems natural and off-the-cuff. It is, like artwork for example there’s a number of people that spend a huge amount of time and almost inordinate amount of time copying an image that already exists only to make a hand made reproduction of someone else’s image. sort of like somebody telling you a story about a dream they had and then you embellishing upon it and telling it to others as if it was your own but I guess it kind of is sort of like the idea of storytelling. Everything bubbles up from something simpler. Then just tying on more intricacies or crisscrossing it with some other concept to make it more exciting. how do you go about getting all the random ideas and thoughts and concepts and brain farts down onto sketchbooks are laptops before their forgotten? Lost in your mind until you’re lucky enough to possibly remember them again. But you really hate it when something you thought of was a really great idea and you forgot about it and then you tried remembering it and you can remember how awesome was that not enough of the idea to spark the original thought back into your head. That is probably the worst thing I can think of when it comes to being creative. Kind of like some sort of long distance message that was sent from another dimension that might have unlocked the secrets of the universe and because you are too busy eating something, or sleeping, or having drinks with friends that you space out not remembering quite what you said when you said it then it piling up with all the other mush the cakes the core of your brain. I don’t like it as much of the next person but think of all the potential that is missed. It would be a cool concept for short sci-fi story about some type of machine that gathers all of those ideas those random thoughts is able to at least reproduce them in some way for everyone to enjoy and explore. If you could have all the cool random thoughts that everybody has as little daily digestive bits for your noggin. You could probably see some new Golden age of creative thought. Everything is so contained people that fit the role seem to have the power instead of the ones that actually know how to do things. But I don’t really worry about those things too much, it really doesn’t help your current situation and you don’t have much control over it. She might as well just move on and do your own thing. That I am trying to do I’m planning on posting up all of the remaining ghost pieces that will be for sale on the website. As well as some random doodles and some paintings that I was screwing around with.