What I am up to...

Working on fun stuff at Brainfood.

Well I own a company with my brother Ean Schuessler called Brainfood. We came up with the name back in high school for an underground zine. We even did a talk about it for Central Trak. I think we have made some pretty cool things over the years. We helped set up Broadcast.com and did a funny viral prank a couple years back Love gods way with pastor Donnie Davies with our friend Toby Halbrooks, Andrew Tinker and Joey Oglesvy. Good Times.

Making Art.

Well recently a group of friends with like minded weirdness started an art collective called Art Fungus we had a show down at the Shotgun gallery and got some good attention on the dallas observer and with arts and culture texas. Folks like Andy Don Emmons, Jason Cohen (Curiosities), Clay Stinnet, Jermy Johnson, Thor Johnson, and David all of us sat down and had a great show with some kick butt turn out. We all sold some stuff down at Psych fest in Austin. Good times eating quinoa and watching everyone trip out.

More to come.

Now I am redoing a house with my fiance Hillary Whitehead. She is amazing! She makes me laugh and I think I do the same. She is a smartie and amazing with a theremin and I think we might make some beautiful music together... no really make some music? why not?