Cirque du horror poster art

Well I didn’t have much time to do this but I think it turned out pretty good it’s for a Halloween show at the Texas theater. Sort of like a variety show music and little scenes and skits you know funny but spooky. Not too sure if I can make it actually you’re not going to go to Savannah with Meredith and some other folks. But it was fun to do and it’s good to let my mind wander in monsterous ways! happy Halloween!

Better late than frozen


Whew. Busy couple weeks recently. While it is a little crazy busy, the good news is there are some fun creative projects afoot in the Brainfood world. We are currently doing some neat much more mobile integrated projects. I am making it a pledge to post more often. I did a shoot for work up in the most random suburbs outside of Baltimore, ya that’s right, and while the shoot happened pretty swimmingly, I was lucky enough to catch the flu on the last day when I was on my flight. I am guessing it was from an extra or maybe the stylist? Not sure, but what had to be done was done. After a couple of weeks of editing and transposing the content into an html5 interface, we ended up with a finished product that works on all forms of hardware, mobile, tablet or desktop, it is covered. I really am liking how easy the production chain is compared to interactive predecessors like flash and shockwave. This also allows a lot  for easy updates on the assets and such, like audio, images, etc. On a side note, really enjoyed making some little side art pieces for an auction at the Texas Theater for the movie “The Shining”. I really do enjoy that flick. Especially when it is up on the big screen in an old creepy theater like the Texas.

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I ended up doing a quick painting and a photoshop file for the auction. I did a simple photoshop edit of the lobby at the Texas mashed up with the photo at the end of the shining movie where Jack Torrence is captured back in time with the other ghosts of the overlook hotel. That movie just creeps me out, very haunting. I can only imagine what state they all must of been in after shooting that flick. Anyhow the painting of Jack went for a really really really good price and the photoshop file that took me no time went for like 4 times more!! WTH? Oh well all for a good cause. I can’t complain too much. I would have honestly would have not been interested if it wasn’t for the association of the movie so good call Susie Sue!

Big Fun Logo

It is a logo I am putting together for this mobile app we are building internally here at the Stay tuned on updates as I get them. It is a pretty awesome app and I hope it goes off well. It is our first 100% client free one! I kinda wanted to have people look at it and think about rainbows and unicorns. In the coming months we will have some promotions and incentives. The design started from a pencil sketch and went from there. I was playing with color and i think it is 100%.

Ghost Paintings Revisited

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Late night Firestone.

Just a set of cool pics I took with the Canon. I used a vintage Nikkor that I picked up on ebay. Just a beautiful temporary transformation of an old building on Greenville avenue down where it splits off to Ross. The road was absolutely dead as well. So it was peacefully quiet.

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