Cirque du horror poster art

September 20, 2014By erikActivities, artwork, Design Stuff

Well I didn’t have much time to do this but I think it turned out pretty good it’s for a Halloween show at the Texas theater. Sort of like a variety show music and little scenes and skits you know funny but spooky. Not too sure if I can make it actually you’re not going … Read More

Better late than frozen

February 8, 2013By erikActivities, artwork 1,168 Comments

Whew. Busy couple weeks recently. While it is a little crazy busy, the good news is there are some fun creative projects afoot in the Brainfood world. We are currently doing some neat much more mobile integrated projects. I am making it a pledge to post more often. I did a shoot for work up … Read More

Big Fun Logo

October 18, 2012By erikartwork, Blog, Design Stuff

It is a logo I am putting together for this mobile app we are building internally here at the Stay tuned on updates as I get them. It is a pretty awesome app and I hope it goes off well. It is our first 100% client free one! I kinda wanted to have people … Read More

Ghost Paintings Revisited

October 17, 2012By erikartwork

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Late night Firestone.

November 9, 2011By erikartwork, Blog 8,805 Comments

Just a set of cool pics I took with the Canon. I used a vintage Nikkor that I picked up on ebay. Just a beautiful temporary transformation of an old building on Greenville avenue down where it splits off to Ross. The road was absolutely dead as well. So it was peacefully quiet. [nggallery id=1]