It was a good turn out. Now that it has been a couple weeks since taking it down, I am starting to want to do another show. >>>Side note, I really enjoyed working with Nina Harp on this project, she is a really great person and I really feel like I was able to peak into a really unique world with her thinking. I would like to collaborate with her on many future projects. So back to it, I am playing around more with this concept of weaving elements in and out of the spaces we decide are to be art. A bit archaic for sure but useful to some so they can feel like they are getting what they came for. I suppose that is why we have places to go too, sort of becoming blurry now a days with all of the made in a factory far away situation. We want nostalgia, we take over old places to feel better about things, to pretend all is well and good and such. I suppose that helps in some ways, but it also reminds me of people taking prozac and other mood drugs. I watched a bit of THX today, the movie not the sound system, and I had forgotten the eerie dependencies on drugs and connected it with the modern day. Creepier as I grow. The scene was in the Jesus booth and Robert Duvall was going on about how the drugs were not working anymore. I remember trying Xanax prescribed by my doctor after I commented on having some work related anxiety. It wasn’t for me, I am glad it helps others, but I couldn’t see it doing anything for me that wouldn’t have some sort of horrible effect when I stopped using it. It had thrown me into a terrible funk after I decided not to use it regularly. I had horrible thoughts of death and dying and loosing loved ones. It was like my brain struck back at me for taking it.

I am not sure where that is going, however what I was meaning with my initial statement is that it is a constructed notion to have a “picture” or a “piece” in a room or space. I want to play more with those icons and figure out what happens when you try to weave elements like this together. Could an art piece consist of 100 pieces all tied together? Not just in meaning because lets face it, that is just a layer of bullshit taught in art school. Setting meaning doesn’t mean much if the viewer has no interest in coming after it. If great movies required the director to explain everything, did the director do what he set out to do? Merritt goes to the work, not to the instruction manual. Here are some pictures from the shoot before taking the show down. I will have a complete gallery soon.



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