My skill set is constantly growing. I seem to run into it whether I want to or not. The idea of many additional hats stacking up on my head is not a concept I particularly enjoy, however it seems to cultivate a certain level of perception or foresight that could be lost on someone working on the clock at a job that is process oriented. However there is a certain slow madness that grows in the back of your head when you are in a position where you have to “stop the presses” and wait around or search for the solution. It starts with frustration, then moves up to malaise then up to a layer of doubt on my skill level. It doesn’t help when it is something you really aren’t interested in learning anyhow. I suppose dogs chase their own tail thinking it is a little creature or steak or something. In my case I have to chase my tail knowing full well that it will just end up hurting myself in the end.

I guess this is how you develop wisdom, ways to look at bigger pictures, understanding the gestation of a larger picture based on smaller lessons that you can use to your advantage or take to the grave, or just simply hope you can pawn off onto others. It is a struggle for sure, but I am just stupid or brave enough to carry on.