As if a long day working at the office wouldn’t be enough, I decided to crunch a little more on the site.  I am close and I should get over waiting until it is 100% perfect and has all of the bells and whistles. I am not sure where to begin but this is at least a start. I don’t exactly know what I am going to accomplish but eh oh well. Do you really think it is true that the cobbler”s kids have no shoes? I think so. I have been effectively dabbling in a number of professions outside of my own that would be the equivalent to the blogger that their 9 to 5 is baking cakes, managing some project  or building the next biological weapon in secret. I can totally understand the effort to express ones self in such a public way, it is like having your own tabloid however with total editorial control. I am sure I will at least cough up some worth while bits of acceptable observation and experiences. Between those distant ports I will be merely shoveling out my random thoughts and ideas to you the public and see what sticks. Some of these ideas I want to make happen and understand I can not do them alone.


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