The plan to help a friend of mine on the branding of his new restaurant turned out to be a really educational one. I think I want to mess around with this developing these kinds of projects a lot more in the future. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy working on user interface and experience on online and mobile projects and it is not that they aren’t challenging, but you see they are the norm. They are what I am used to when it comes to work. I don’t have a formula, each and every project is as unique as I can make them and I try to put as much care in to the project as the budget will allow, and most of the time, it is more than that amount.

Currently we are putting in the signage at the storefront on the north side of White Rock lake in a neat little strip mall next door to Good 2 Go and Good friends. The space is great, it was an old beauty salon, nothing is left from the original interior with the exception of the rough cinder block walls, steel truss ceiling and original terrazzo floors. The main dining room is simple with a patina of old sheet steel to give the room the feel of a ship’s hull, the entry doors are made to look like old steel bulkheads, the signage is dotted through out the space and the old box signs on the roof. The logo is pretty cool, it’s based on a jolly roger but instead of crossed bones there is a fish and piece of cutlery. I don’t know why, but it really fits the feel of the place. Everything has a little bit of intentional wear and tear on it but with a little bit of a twist on color and shape. The building is very vintage even with all of the improvements and updates that occurred next door so this will be a good addition.

We were able to get up the wall painting for the water closet and the restroom signs put together, they are looking really pretty dang good if I do say so myself. Next up is the outdoor signage which will go up tomorrow now that the new plexiglass sheets have made their way to the space and we can start putting on the vinyl decals. The rest will go up on the window panels up at the front. So I guess I need to go rest up and get ready for that one.


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