20feet-4Update. plexiglass came in! Woo! Only one thing, it is thicker than what the original material was. The builder assured Marc that that this was not an issue and that we could make it work in the existing group. Worked with Thomas and Marc to get the last bits of the vinyl sign stickers applied onto the glass and box signs. Getting the larger sign together took a little time but got it together. Marc was anxious to try and get the plexiglass pieces in place, however the thickness of the material was an issue, I recommended to Marc to make sure that the builder got that working since he was responsible for that. At least Marc was able to get the one panel slid part way in. #20feet #branding #signage

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  • Erik,
    let me know if you need any help with this stuff. I do signage for a living. Not fabrication, but design. At any rate, I know some good fabricators and how to spec out specific products if you need advice.

    Bout to start a restaurant project myself. Super psyched. It’s my first one.

  • So far so good! The vinyl worked out really well. The thickness issue was more of a builder issue. I am working on a couple projects and I am always up for advice and bouncing ideas around. If you need any input on ideas and such as well, feel free to contact me! It would be cool to get a signage guild together and try and figure out how to help neighborhoods look cooler and provide assistance to make better signage, make it a community thing you know?

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