Living in the outer rings of the cliff is really peaceful and quiet. A bit unusual but I am getting acquainted with it. The place I live in is damn fine and I am still scratching my head about people paying the big bucks in fancy “old oak cliff” ain’t it funny? Seems like only yesterday that it was a big steamy pile of living called oak cliff. Where the “dangerous” people lived gun in hand in hand in gun with weirdo art hippies and freaky punk rock types. Now there are golf apparel and fancy pants bistros and such, not that I am not appreciative of it, it is just shocking that I have more places to choose to pay high priced drinks as I want and I do grab drinks. I did like when there was basically Barbara’s and Tradewinds. Good times made it feel more like a small town. Coming down to this part of town is an escape, that momentary feeling of displacement in my surrounds, exploring, finding the cool bits of stuff in areas that are considered not worth it. My neighbors are all really cool and all have I interesting pasts that I want to find out about. Also the history! Crap! Gets me wanting to make stuff (not just the freaking house either)! So that brings me to mega table!!! An all 2×6 frame monster that will take whateve you throw at it. I love my hands, truly surreal things, strange articulated stems paired lovingly mirror images of each other, evidence that the body is some sort of temple, maybe ziggurat or maybe kiva? The table would be complete but dammit that I didn’t get a new pack of exterior screws! Nothing worse than being with out back up. Oh well tomorrow it will finish up and I will slap on casters for the feet, the ones with the foot breaks on em. No the table is not dead, just easier to work on. Good night all.



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