and so it begins

July 17, 2014By erikActivities, My Place

I feel like I am doing something really dumb trying to sand all of this crap myself but heck why not? So far I am making good progress but man it is a bit of a hill. Also I got dusty as hell last time.

Mega table almost done

December 5, 2012By erikActivities, Blog, My Place 1,487 Comments

Living in the outer rings of the cliff is really peaceful and quiet. A bit unusual but I am getting acquainted with it. The place I live in is damn fine and I am still scratching my head about people paying the big bucks in fancy “old oak cliff” ain’t it funny? Seems like only … Read More

1434 When I purchased it.

October 17, 2012By erikMy Place

This is a set of images from the house when I first purchased it. It has come a long way. I dug these pictures up when I was looking through a storage drive. It is really interesting to see because there has been such a marvelous transformation. I am wrestling with all the considerations of … Read More

Life the universe and curry.

October 16, 2012By erikBlog, My Place 6,965 Comments

this Tuesday, typical of a Texas winter is a balmy 68Ā° outside. The moisture clings onto every part of you and is pretty inescapable. I decided to take a stroll up to Nandina a local restaurant on Greenville Avenue, it is really pretty good however recently the crowds seem to thin out during normal hours … Read More

Music video of my house back when it was really really creepy.

February 17, 2012By erikMy Place

Take a look, it is pretty creepy! If you dare! šŸ™‚ This was shot for a band called School of the Seven Bells. Neat duo. They seemed to have a fun timeĀ indulgingĀ in the empty ol’Ā place and I had a good time watching a neat video getting made in my spooky hollow.